About Us
Lumos Films | Who We Are

We're a small collection of multi-talented artists; from filmmakers, musicians, to writers and performers believing that the cinematic artform embraces all facets of creative expression and we're proud of our diverse artistic background. We want to be on the pulse of various cultures, from popular to classic, recognizing the current trend that's driving the paradigm shift away from large studios producing the most relevant and diverse films. This allows us as an independent production company the unique opportunity tofill that gap.

Also, we look for material that isn't afraid to speak a new voice; cinematic endeavors that challenge, ignite and inspire while reaching a broad audience. We're interested in presenting stories with a new perspective, a viewpoint that's exciting and fresh. Movies are at an amazing crossroad and we're looking forward to taking new cinematic journeys with our audiences and fellow collaborators while also looking for innovative ways of distributing our projects.

Focusing on stories that highlight various social and cultural ideas, working with creative minds and engaging material is what makes Lumos Films a new voice in independent entertainment that reaches beyond the boundaries of tradition.